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Elite Power Solutions (EPS) is a Battery Management System technology company. Since 2008, EPS has been focusing on developing proprietary battery management technologies (BMS) and integrated Lithium Ion battery systems. Our BMS design requires just one small wire harness for a Lithium Ion battery pack and supports up to hundreds of large format Lithium Ion battery cells. This provides unmatched simplicity and system reliability (in contrast to hundreds of individual wires reaching to all the battery cells in typical BMS designs). Our BMS systems measure temperature data from every single battery cell, which significantly enhances safety protection for Lithium Ion battery systems. In addition to standard safety features typical BMS systems offer, our latest BMS includes features of time window management for peak shaving, fleet management, WiFi connectivity, cloud data storage, smart phone apps, and more. To meet unique requirements from our OEM partners, our engineering team can develop customized hardware and software solutions for specific applications. The applications of our integrated battery systems include utility trucks, refrigerated trucks, border patrol vehicles, police cars, golf cars, RVs, forklifts, emergency vehicles, autonomous robots, autonomous material transport carts, and more.

UL Certified BMS

The Gen 2 BMS system is certified as UL Recognized component per UL 2580 standard for EV battery pack. What does it take for a BMS system to be certified as UL Recognized component per UL2580 standard for EV battery pack? Basically, the BMS system must demonstrate to safely shut down the battery pack in cases of any unsafe or unexpected internal or external failures to prevent possibility of fire or explosion. UL tested conditions included over-charging, over-discharging, over-temperature, under-temperature, over-current, short circuit, as well as failures coming from microelectronics components and software themselves within the BMS system. Fail-safe redundancies have been built into hardware and software designs of the BMS system in order to achieve ultimate safety performance.

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App And Web Applications - Powerful Tools For Fleet Operations

Our Generation 2 and 3 BMS (Battery Management System) systems are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and are capable of using a cloud database. Individual users and fleet operators have remote access to battery information and usage data. A comprehensive fleet view page summarizes battery status and information of multiple systems within a fleet. Battery data, cell details, event history, usage information, automated reporting as well as online analytics, are indispensable for analyzing battery performance, understanding battery usage patterns and to optimize fleet operations. Below is a summary of Basic and Pro plan features. Basic Features (free): Real time fleet view Real time individual device monitoring o Pack level data o Cell level data o Alarm status Event history of the last 3 days Pro Features (with Subscription): All Basic features Real time individual device monitoring with trend charts All event history Analytical charts Data logs Daily fleet reports A demo of features can be found here 

A demo of features can be found here
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